Mobile Apps

The infinovo Mobile Apps use a quick glance principle where you can see your Blood Glucose readings on your Mobile Device in an instant. This way you can quickly check your reading and carry on.

For a higher level of accuracy the Infinovo Mobile applications require calibration once every 24 hours*.

* Use a blood glucose meter to make diabetes treatment decisions, if you feel the Glunovo CGM does not match your symptoms.

Infinovo Share

The infinovo Mobile Apps allows you to share your Glucose Readings with a Family member, Healthcare Clinicians or Caregivers, it is possible to share your data by giving permission from the app. The Sharer receives an email and can view your data on the Infinovo Online Portal, Quickly and with ease.

Rich Data Applications

The infinovo Mobile Apps provide you with:

Trends for Blood Glucose
Detailed log of all your BG Readings.
Various Trend Charts
Historical Data
Share Options
BMI Calculator

Image module