CGM Information

The Glunovo i3 DGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) Systems allow people living with diabetes to check glucose readings in real-time, a reading is sent to the Infinovo Mobile App every 3-minute interval thorughout the day.

By using a CGM system you will automatically receive glucose readings and warning alarms as soon your BG reading starts going High or Low.

The Infinovo CGM can be used with or without insulin pump.

Improve Quality of Life, remove anxiety of diabetes by having early warning of hypos and have a peaceful sleep, that you will be woken if your Blood Glucose Starts Dropping whilst you are sleeping.

A CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitoring) is a device worn on your abdomen or arm, depending where you find it more comfortable, the device provides you the complete picture by revealing lows and highs that HbA1C and finger-stick testing alone cannot always identify.


Advantage of CGM over Blood Glucose Meters:

Hyos can easily be missed with conventional Blood Glucose Meters, using the Infinovo Glunovo CGM to monitor your Blood Glucose you are notified as soon as your Blood Glucose is within a Hypo or Hyper Range.

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