About Infinovo

Infinovo was formed in 2016. For the past few years, Infinovo has been focusing on developing an Accurate and Affordable CGM for patients which will be available for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetics.
Our World Class Engineers have developed a CGM which can compete in the Global Market for Accuracy, Durability and Design.
The Glunovo i3 CGM is the first-generation CGM product from Infinovo, and in the coming months will be available in the European Market.
The Glunovo i3 is the first commercialised 14-day Realtime CGM, where the Transmitter can last 3 years, making this an Affordable option for all.

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Glunovo i3 Applicator is designed to be simple to use and is engineered that the CGM transmitter and sensor can be applied to your skin with ease.
Infinovo has developed Mobile Applications for Android and iOS which provide you with Rich Analytical data for your Diabetes Management, there is also an Online portal for you to monitor your Blood Glucose trends from your tablet or computer.
The Infinovo Online Portal can provide vital data for your Caregivers and Health Care Professionals, where they see your Blood Glucose Trends in various informative charts.
Our Manufacturing Facilities are located near Shanghai.
Infinovo Sales Center is based in Amsterdam and R&D Centre for Software Development in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

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